EthSign Smart Agreements (SA) is our upcoming customizable framework that enables electronic agreements to have tighter binding properties by enforcing their execution with smart contracts.
Powered by Chainlink Oracles and Keepers, SA enables the terms of electronic agreements to automatically execute based on predetermined, measurable on/off chain trigger conditions. This allows agreements to be enforced using smart contracts in addition to or in place of existing legal enforcement. One use case of SA is smart escrow triggered by on/offchain conditions.
Our mission is for SA to become the underlying infrastructure for freelancer platforms, DAO proposal execution (investment, portfolio lock-up management), credit leading, crowdfunding, petetions, and smart escrows. We foresee SA realizing “code as law”, and creating the infrastructure for trustless agreement execution that is independent of legal jurisdiction.
Only three functions need to be called for initialization: initialize() from EthSignSAExecutor, register() and initializeOffChainData() / initializeOnChainData() from EthSignSATrigger. Dotted lines denote the workflow when working with off-chain data.
Last modified 22d ago
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