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Bringing trust to trustless networks

About EthSign

EthSign is building the interface between Web2 and Web3 by connecting legal agreement and smart contract. We present open-sourced infrastructures and scenario-specific applications to accelerate Web3 at a global scale.

EthSign Offerings


The first-ever agreement signing platform built on Web3
  • Digital signatures on EthSign are generated with EIP-712 standard and written into the documents
  • EthSign Signatures compliant with mainstream nations’ digital signature laws, signatures can be verified on-chain with zero cost
  • EthSign Signatures is open-sourced and easy-to-integrate, we will release integration instructions soon

Customized Smart Contract Frameworks

EthSign not only uses smart contract as permanent database, but also financial infrastructure, we provide smart contract templates for escrow or triggered transaction to automated contract execution.
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