Modules, Mixed and Matched

EthSign gives you the flexibility to choose what module to use every step of the way along your document signing workflow. We currently provide the following combinations:
Decentralized identity managers:
Smart contract blockchain networks:
    Ethereum Mainnet
    Avalanche C-Chain
    Binance Smart Chain
    Fantom Opera
    Polygon Matic
Decentralized storage networks:
    Arweave (permanent)
    InterPlanetary File System (short-term)
      Free IPFS
      Fleek IPFS
As our user, you are free to choose any combination of the above modules to fit your unique needs.

Degrees of Decentralization

A wise person once said, "with great convenience, comes great centralization". In the process of streamlining user experience, we identified several obstacles that made it difficult for Web 2.0 users to enjoy EthSign to the fullest extent, the major of which is authentication. For those of us who are immersed in Web 3.0, MetaMask is the backbone of any action we take, no matter how small. However, outside the Web 3.0 bubble, the mere concept of a public and private key pair are daunting.
This is precisely why we partnered with Magic Labs to bring you Fortmatic that provides a Web 2.0 on-ramp to a Web 3.0 world. In short, Fortmatic enables you to easily and securely authenticate with your email or phone and utilizes a non-custodial Delegated Key Management architecture to manage your wallet, meaning they don't have access to your private keys or any sensitive information at all. Fortmatic also provides other convenience features such as a FIAT on-ramp and the ability to buy cryptocurrencies within the wallet.
Being able to authenticate with an email or phone is certainly nice, but we sacrificed a certain degree of decentralization in the process. As one of the core tenets of Web 3.0 is to avoid centralization, we are happy to say that if you were initially onboarded with Fortmatic and have then gotten more comfortable with MetaMask, you can export and erase their private keys from Fortmatic at any time and import said key into MetaMask, thus fully owning your account.
At EthSign, we value convenience and decentralization equally, which is why the choice is all yours to make.

Sign without Paying Gas with SignPass (coming soon)

At EthSign, we believe document signing should be an incredibly easy process that takes no more than a few taps on your device. We definitely believe that as the signer, having to pay to sign a document is quite ridiculous and unheard of. However, the nature of Web 3.0 dictates every write action taken on the blockchain generates a transaction fee that must be paid somehow.
Introducing SignPass, an NFT collection that grants its holders the ability to use EthSign without paying any gas fees. SignPass is coming in September 2021 in collaboration with ARCx DeFi Passport, more details to come!

Traceable and Transparent Audit Trails

At EthSign, we fully leverage the unique properties of blockchain networks to provide our users with the most secure signatures and clearest audit trails in the industry. Every time the user signs a document, their digital signature (which is made from the hash of the document, their private key, and some cryptography witchcraft) and relevant metadata events such as the time of signature are forever engraved on the blockchain network. These provide powerful traceable paper trails that make auditing and settling disputes incredibly straightforward. Since everything is on the public blockchain, the entire process is transparent and can be verified by any party.

EthSign Lite

It is no secret that the Ethereum mainnet is the most congested blockchain network and as a result its gas prices have severely inflated, especially under the recent NFT craze. On the other hand, the Ethereum mainnet is also the most authoritative blockchain network and unsurprisingly most users want to sign their contracts on this network. Sure, Polygon Matic is 1000x cheaper but it is no Ethereum mainnet. One thing's for sure: it is infeasible to pay over $100 in gas fees just to create a new contract. We needed a compromise between contract finality and gas costs.
Introducing EthSign Lite, our take on addressing the high gas costs on the Ethereum mainnet while preserving authority and finality. In regular EthSign, all contract and signature information is stored on the blockchain. While this approach ensures information integrity, a high gas fee is charged since on-chain storage is scarce. In EthSign Lite, instead of storing all information on-chain, it is stored on decentralized storage networks and parsed in realtime. The only information stored on-chain is a CID (Content IDentifier) that points to data on the storage network. As decentralized storage networks such as IPFS and Arweave can store the same amount of information at less than a fraction of the cost, the reduction in gas costs is incredibly significant, up to 80% in our internal testing.
Of course, there is no free lunch. To prevent malicious or invalid information from being stored, information must go through and get parsed on our auxiliary server. All communication between the user and our server is digitally signed and verified to ensure integrity. This brings about a certain degree of centralization but one we are willing to accept as the gas savings are too significant to ignore.
EthSign Lite is coming in Q4 2021, stay tuned!

EthSign Finality Bridge

EthSign Finality Bridge aims to solve the same problem with high gas fees on the Ethereum mainnet presented above with a different approach. Instead of going through our auxiliary server every step of the way, we allow users to come to an agreement on cheaper EVM chains and transfer the final version of the contract into a decentralized storage network and pin the CID onto the Ethereum mainnet.
EthSign Finality Bridge is also coming in Q4 2021, following EthSign Lite.
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