Getting Started with EthSign

EthSign eSignature: How to use EthSign?

Sign In

To get started with EthSign, you can log in with MetaMask or simply enter your email and Fortmatic will generate a wallet for you and act as a trusted custodian.
Log In Page
After you are logged in, you will be redirected to the Contract List page where you can manage and access all your contracts. You can access your Ethereum Address by clicking on the profile icon.

Start a Contract

Find the "New Contract" button on the Contract List page. Click and start your contract.
Step 1: Add Document
You can drag and drop your file to the dropbox or click on the "Upload" button to select your file. You can also preview your uploaded file here.
Step 2: Invite Co-Signers
You can add multiple co-signers here by simply filling in their Ethereum address or ENS alias.
Step 3: Prepare your document
Organize your document pages here.
Step 4: Review and Send
You can review your uploaded document and added co-signers here. You can re-edit the document or change co-signer information. You can also set expiration time and contract password for your contract.

Review a Contract

Find the "view file" button on the Document List/Action Required page. Click to review the pending signature document.
Sign a Contract: After careful review of your document, you can sign the contract with a single click.

Track Contract Status

Click on the contract name to view details such as creators, co-signers, and their signing status.

Download History

Find the "Download Contract" button on the Document List/Action Required page. Click to download the contract document.
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